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My name is Lucy and Pinkavová to Herbalife I got through my patroness Červenková Halina, who is a member of the GET team and is one of the most successful members and Herbalife leaders in the country.
I was an employee of one company, then I was on maternity leave and during this time I was longing for freedom and for a free, independent and creative approach to work. This I found at the company and I'm literally thrilled. At the company I since. 2001 and very quickly I got the position of supervisor of the team, which gives me freedom, creative and playful approach.
Working at Herbalife is for me a huge life experience personal growth and freedom to explore the world. For everything, how I live today, I wonder what my plans and dreams for the future, just for all thanks to Herbalife, which has an incredible marketing plan, direct thrust at the goal, tremendous momentum and everything around it is extremely exciting.
Our products are of the highest quality, which proves that bees scientific research stands Nobel Prize in Medicine Dr. Louis Ignarro. New icon of a society that preaches healthy and active style and approach to life, became the best-paid sportsman of the world David Beckham, who plays for L.A. Galaxy, which is one of the main sponsors was Herbalife, and Cristiano Ronaldo.
I myself with Herbalife products extremely happy, I lost 8 kilos, I keep the weight and feel fantastic !!!
Our creative and financial possibilities are endless. It depends only on us how we will grasp this opportunity and what we want to achieve in life. If we have a chance, so right now.
Join us and follow along Herbalife Plan!
Herbalife Company History
Herbalife: from one man's success to global success
Herbalife was founded entrepreneur Mark Hughes in California in 1980; Mark's dream was to offer people an effective solution for a healthy lifestyle. The company has developed on the initiative of one man in the company's worldwide presence and network of nearly two million independent distributors! Herbalife is still growing and Mark Hughes' dream lives on.
Currently, Herbalife connected and actively participating in many business activities, industrial organizations and is a founding member of the International Alliance of Dietary / Food Supplement Associations (IADs). Headquartered in California, USA and European headquarters can be found in Uxbridge, UK.
Herbalife business is based on helping other people. If you sell products for weight management, targeted nutrition and personal care to people who really need it, you get your own business flourishing.
How to begin?
Whatever you decide though, definitely I recommend to purchase a registration package.
What needs to be done to obtain registration:
1) Contact Herbalife Independent Distributor
2) Buy a registration package
3) use the highest quality product
Registration includes:
Cocktail Formula 1
Customer card - provides 25% discount on all products Herbalife
Access to Internet support system
Registration package price is 1.608, - CZK + Shipping
In the case of interest use the contact in the left column, or fill out the form below.